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Patient flow/
What happens when you visit a clinic:

We use an electronic patient record which is only used by our service in Gateshead and not shared with any other system.

Step 1

Reception: you will be asked if you have attended the service before. If you have attended before your details will be checked and entered onto the electronic system. If you haven’t been seen before you will be asked to complete a form and when you hand this back to the receptionist, she will add your details to the system. You won’t need to complete a form again should you visit the service in the future.

Step 2

At the main clinic at Trinity Square, you are likely to be called for the triage assessment. This is a set of standard questions asked to make sure you see the right practitioner (Nurse, Doctor, Sexual Health Advisor). If you only want contraception you will be asked to wait in the waiting.

Step 3

If you have no symptoms of any infection and do not wish to be examined you may opt to use the Fast Track System which includes providing a urine sample for men and a self taken swab for women, along with a blood test. The urine/swab is tested for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, the blood sample will be tested for HIV and Syphilis. If you have any symptoms of an infection, which may include discharge, spots, blisters, you should see a practitioner for an examination. Even if you have no symptoms you can still ask to see a Nurse/Doctor.

Step 4

After the triage process, you will be asked to wait in the waiting are until a Nurse/Doctor/Sexual Health Advisor is free.

Step 5

Once called into the clinical room, you will be asked to be seen alone at first and this is to explain and ask some sensitive questions which you not want others to listen to. Once these have been completed if you want a friend/partner in the room you can have this.

Step 6

Your reason for attending will determine what happens next. If you want contraception all the methods will be discussed and may be provided at that clinic visit. For the insertion and removal of both implants and intrauterine contraception (also known as coils) you will be made an appointment to return for the procedure.

Step 7

If you require sexual infection testing, once your sexual and medical history is taken you will need to be examined. You will be asked if you would like a chaperone in the room while you are examined – this will be a member of our staff. During the examination the Nurse/Doctor will explain what they are doing and will take the samples needed for testing. For some infections, a microscope slide is prepared and the trained staff can identify some infections and offer treatment at your clinic visit.

Step 8

You will be given a leaflet which explains how you get your test results – most people opt for the simple and discrete message to be sent to them by SMS. If any of your results are positive for an infection or you require follow up you will receive a SMS asking you to ring the service. It takes 7-10 days for the results to come through to us. If you have not heard from the service 2 weeks after your visit, please ring the clinic for advice (0191 283 1577).


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