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Emergency Contraception

This is used by women who may have had unprotected sexual intercourse (without a condom or a condom has split) or have missed their pill or been late getting their injection. It is important that you get this treatment as soon as possible after the unprotected episode (preferably within 72 hours but there are some options which can be given later than this). There are 2 forms of emergency contraception: oral tablet or intra-uterine device/coil.

You can get the tablet version of emergency contraception from all of our clinics but also from many Pharmacies across Gateshead – See Site Locations. If your choice is to use the coil method, it is essential that you attend a sexual health clinic for an assessment and appointment to have the device inserted as soon as possible.

If it is more than 72 hours since you had unprotected sexual intercourse, please ring for advice so that you are seen in the right clinic by the right person.



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